Orthopedic chair

DragonflyChair is a chair that may be something completely new for some people, while at the same time offering something very old, something that has accompanied us since the dawn of time - the ability to sit in low positions, being similar to sitting on the ground. It is a reminder of what has served us for centuries. The item is, however, more suited to modern reality, where an organized work space, such as a desk, is essential.
It is difficult to describe our chair in one word. It is definitely much more than an ergonomic chair or a yoga one. It helps not only with back pain, but also - prevents problems with hips and knees from developing. This chair that is hand-made in Poland supports the pelvis and, similarly to a ball-chair, ensures its constant motion. Your legs can discover various seating possibilities and thanks to that - they will not swell. It is just like sitting and exercising at your desk at the same time.


Currently we produce two versions of the Dragonfly chair: Classic and Comfort.

Comfort version:
✅ you can change the height of the upper seat while sitting on the chair, because it is mounted on a non-rotating actuator
✅ the upper seat is installed on a tilting mechanism, which follows the movement of your body. The upper seat tilts sideways only when rocking or changing position (the movement is very gentle, it does not require constant body tension like sitting on a ball)

Classic version:
✅ adjusting the height of the upper seat (mounted on the inox profile) requires getting off the chair and unscrewing the locking knobs
✅ the upper seat can be adjusted crosswise, which makes sitting in the Japanese style (kneeling) more comfortable (in the Comfort version, the upper seat is more profiled at the back to make it more comfortable)

In both versions, the height of the lower seat is adjusted using an actuator, without having to leave the chair.

We especially recommend the Comfort version to people who already have spine, hip or knee problems. Primarily due to the shock absorption of the upper seat and the ease of quickly adjusting its height to the body's capabilities (e.g. in a cross-legged seat, it is more comfortable for the spine when the upper seat is lower; when kneeling, it may sometimes be more comfortable for the knees if we set the upper seat a little higher). When we listen to our body, we will know how to properly maneuver the seat height to make it comfortable. The Comfort version will also be more comfortable for people with sensitive bodies due to the shock absorption of the upper seat.
If the body is stretched and without major movement restrictions, the Classic version will be fine.
Both versions offer the same possibilities of active sitting, i.e. simply fidgeting at the desk.

Finish your workday with a light body :)


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