Orthopedic chair

DragonflyChair is a chair that may be something completely new for some people, while at the same time offering something very old, something that has accompanied us since the dawn of time - the ability to sit in low positions, being similar to sitting on the ground. It is a reminder of what has served us for centuries. The item is, however, more suited to modern reality, where an organized work space, such as a desk, is essential.
It is difficult to describe our chair in one word. It is definitely much more than an ergonomic chair or a yoga one. It helps not only with back pain, but also - prevents problems with hips and knees from developing. This chair that is hand-made in Poland supports the pelvis and, similarly to a ball-chair, ensures its constant motion. Your legs can discover various seating possibilities and thanks to that - they will not swell. It is just like sitting and exercising at your desk at the same time.

End your workday with a light body. Get ready for the joy waiting for you in the comfort of your home :)


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