What size of the chair should I choose ?

  1.  Standard - the width of the larger seat (where we put the legs) is 60 cm
  2.  Large - the width of the larger seat is 77 cm
Both sizes fo the chair offer the same possibility of sitting in all low positions. The large size gives more freedom of movement, while the standard size is more handy for desks less than 90 cm wide. Standard chair is more suitable for people from XS to L size, and Large chair is more suitable for size L/XL and more.

Classic VersionDragonflyChair - wymiary siedzisk

Comfort Version

Dragonfly Comfort_size


Who can take advantage of the Dragonfly chair ?

The ideal solution would be to maintain a desired and flexible body posture from an early age, which is why our chair is also recommended for children who have mastered the ability of sitting without a backrest attached to a swivel chair. The transition from a normal chair to the Dragonfly chair can take a while for adults to accustom to, as the body loses its flexibility and strength as a result of prolonged time spent utilizing a traditional chair. We are, however, of the opinion that the results are worth it, as frequent repositioning and active sitting in "low" positions can help maintain a healthy spine.

* Individuals with dysfunction/injury of the spine or lower body (pelvis, hips, lower limbs) should make sure that they can sit in the so-called "low" positions (consultation with a physiotherapist/ orthopedist is recommended).

How to clean the upholstery ?

Most dirt remains on the surface in the form of droplets, which can be easily cleaned by shaking off with a cloth dampened with water or, for heavier dirt, using non-invasive water-based cleaners. When using cleaning products, apply a cloth dampened with them to the stained area, wait 2-3 minutes, then rub gently in circular motions until the stain disappears. Then leave the stain to dry on its own. Do not use a hair dryer to accelerate the drying process. When the wet spot has dried, use a soft brush to gently lift the hair on the fabric. 

What is the maximum load of the chair ?

110 kg.

Do we provide VAT invoice ?


What is the warranty period ?

Two years.

Where can I see and sit on Dragonfly chair?

  • Józefosław (in the suburbs of Warsaw), Prowansji 10F Str, Tel.: 607957882
  • Pilates Studio in Warsaw, Wilcza 71/4 Str., tel. 502 274 535
  • Masażownia in Wrocław (Massage Studio), Plac Bema 2/3. Tel.: 696909701
  • Massage Studio in Poznań, Łazarz/Górczyn. Tel.: 666669537
  • Pilatesownia, ul. Ignacego Łukasiewicza 37A, 35-604 Rzeszów. Tel.: 503086887


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