Krzesło ortopedyczne do aktywnego siedzenia

DragonflyChair Comfort - black base

Orthopedic chair with an active upper seat that follows the movements of your body. Let your body feels great again!

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    Orthopedic Chair - Comfort version - more convinience for your body

    We listen to your comments and work to create perfect chairs. Comfort version - is characterized that the upper seat is raised by a non-rotating actuator. More over, to ensure the proper comfort of your hips, the upper seat is mounted on a tilter (tilt adapter), thanks to which the seat adjusts to and follows the movement of your body. Dragonfly Comfort is a combination of a ball-chair and sitting on the floor. We consider it to be a perfect combination!

    The upper seat tilts sideways only when rocking or changing position. The tilt mechanism is characterized by moderate stiffness, thanks to which you will always experience the full stability of the chair. For people weighing less than 50 kg, the feeling of tilting sideways is less noticeable due to the lower body pressure on the seat.

    *** For children / people weighing less than 55 kg, we have lower force upper seat actuators available. Please let us know in the comment when purchasing ***

    Full view of active sitting


    Active sitting


    Who can take advantage of the Dragonfly chair?

    The ideal solution would be to maintain a desired and flexible body posture from an early age, which is why our chair is also recommended for children who have mastered the ability of sitting without a backrest attached to a swivel chair. The transition from a normal chair to the Dragonfly chair can take a while for adults to accustom to, as the body loses its flexibility and strength as a result of prolonged time spent utilizing a traditional chair. We are, however, of the opinion that the results are worth it, as frequent repositioning and active sitting in "low" positions can help maintain a healthy spine.

    * Individuals with dysfunction/injury of the spine or lower body (pelvis, hips, lower limbs) should make sure that they can sit in the so-called "low" positions (consultation with a physiotherapist/ orthopedist is recommended).

    Design of Dragonfly chair

    Dragonfly orthopedic chair is manufactured in Poland by our company in cooperation with local companies and craftsmen. Solid performance guarantees use for many years.

    1. The seats are upholstered with Barbaa fabric (flock type) from the Israel company FlockTex Industries Ltd. This fabric is characterised by its high fleshing, lightly mossy and very pleasant to touch fur-like structure. It is extremely dirt-resistant and a simple wipe with a damp cloth (preferably a wet baby wipe) will make it clean again. The fabric is extremely resistant to abrasion, sweat and light, and no harmful PFAS compounds are used in its production. This combination provides a safe surface suitable for the current stringent hygiene requirements. 

    • fabric composition: 54% Acrylic, 25% Poliamide, 14% Poliester, 7% Cotton
    • basis weight: 660g/mb
    • abrasion resistance > 100 000 Martindale cycles
    • the fabric is flame retardant and Oeko-Tex® certified
    • Class 1 Oeko-Tex® product: "Products for babies and young children”
    • Class 4 Oeko-Tex® product: "Products for home textiles"

    The upper seat is fastened by mounting designed by our company, as well as a non-rotating gym and a tilt adapter manufactured in the European Union.

    Technical parameters:

    • Both seats are regulated by two gas cylinders. Measured height adjustment range:
      a) from the floor to the surface of the lower seat it is 36-42 cm;

      b) from the surface of the lower to the upper seat it is 9.5-21 cm.

    • The minimum overall height is 45.5 cm
    • The maximum overall height is 63 cm
    • Weight: ~ 14.5 kg
    • The maximum load of the chair is 105 kg
    • The base of the chair is made of die-cast aluminum with a diameter of 660mm (powder coated in black mat)
    • Wheels with a rubber tire for a hard surface - 5 pcs.

    WARRANTY - 2 years.
    Dragonfly Comfort - dopasowanie wysokości

     Listen to your body, it will tell you what is best for it.

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