Ortopedyczne krzesło do biurka

DragonflyChair Classic - silver base

Sit the way you like and take a good care of your body with orthopedic chair

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    Orthopedic chair for active sitting

    Dragonfly chair was created so you could sit at your desk the same way as you sat on the floor through all your childhood.

    It is well known that prolonged sitting, standing or even lying down is not healthy. Life is creation intermingled with rest; it goes on in balance. Unfortunately, sitting passively on a traditional chair with a back makes our muscles lazy, so the spine loses its support and begins to twist, the internal organs become anaemic and the pelvic muscles become contracted. Therefore, the solution must be sought in active sitting in a variety of relaxed and stretching positions, as primitive humans sat on the ground and we as children sat on the floor.  

    In order to maintain full mobility of our body, it is necessary to assume various positions so that the joints have the possibility to move in every direction. According to the principle what is not used, begins to disappear - if we do not use the full range of motion of individual joints then at some point, we limit their mobility.

    Sitting on the floor, children twist in all sorts of ways so that the joints of the knees, feet and hips have a full range of movement and the body maintains its flexibility. The lack of support helps to strengthen the muscles that hold up the spine. Stiffness and limitations only appear when we remain in one position all day. So, the message from school "don't wriggle, sit up straight" needs to be quickly erased from your memory and you should start wriggling as much as possible at will, the more the better. The author of the book "Sentenced to a desk" even indicates that the seat should be hard and not very comfortable, so that it encourages frequent change of position.  In addition, sitting in low positions is the best of all possible ways of sitting, because as many as two pillars provide support: the hips and the torso, and not just the back of the thighs as in a traditional chair.

    Cross-legged ("Turkish") sit:

    • introduces an element of rotation in the positioning of the hips, thus stabilising the pelvis;
    • relaxes and improves body flexibility;
    • strengthens back and abdominal muscles;
    • opens the hips;
    • increases mobility in the hip joints (which prevents their dysplasia in the future). The hips are a complex joint connecting the top of our body to the bottom - the spine to the pelvis and the pelvis to the legs. Stiffness in the hips can cause pain in the spine, knees, feet, as well as the neck and shoulders, causing headaches. The hips are also a key point for the flow of blood and lymph through our body, by relaxing them you improve the blood supply to the cells throughout the body and also improve the process of removing toxins from the body. From an energetic point of view, the pelvis is the seat of our power - the power of creative, joyful, uninhibited, spontaneous creation, and the transit point for all the major meridians. We should therefore ensure that the flow through it is unrestricted.
    • it increases oxygenation of the body by straightening the spine and stretching the muscles;
    • it regulates blood pressure by lowering it through raising the legs to hip height;
    • calms the mind (best position for meditation).

    It is interesting to note that, as parents, we take great care of the hip joints of our babies by keeping them used most of the time, by for example, "wide diapering" or carrying them on the hip with their legs positioned wide apart. And when the child is older, we suddenly forget about this and put them in a traditional chair, where opening the hips becomes very difficult. It seems that if we had stayed on this floor as children, there would have been fewer problems with the spine and hip and knee joints when we were older.

    Kneeling down ("Japanese style"):

    • encourages an upright posture, generates natural pressure forces in the spine (similar to standing);
    • facilitates free breathing;
    • has a relaxing effect on the feet.

    Sitting in a squat, crouching:

    • engages the whole lower limb;
    • increases hip mobility;
    • makes ankles more flexible;
    • stretches buttocks;
    • relieves back;
    • improves posture;
    • helps relax the overly tense pelvic floor, has a beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis and helps to normalise abdominal pressure;
    • moreover, it calms, grounds and improves concentration;
    • the wide range of movement in this sit stimulates the joints to secrete synovium. Movement within the joints should often exceed 90 degrees so that degeneration does not occur. 

    Or in different way, as you like to sit on the floor.

    Różne pozycje siedzenia na krześle Dragonfly


    Dragonfly orthopedic chair - classic version, is characterized by the upper seat mounted with a profile, pin and securing knobs. Remember that you can install the upper seat in two positions (as described in the instructions for use). The "crosswise" seating position of the seat may be appreciated by people who like to spend their time sitting "Japanese style".

    Both seats (upper and lower) are adjustable. In the Classic version, in which the upper seat is mounted on the profile, you need to get off the chair to raise or lower the upper seat. The lower seat can be adjusted with a handle without leaving the chair.

    Mocowanie siedziska górnego Mocowanie siedziska górnego


    Who can take advantage of the Dragonfly chair?

    The ideal solution would be to maintain a desired and flexible body posture from an early age, which is why our chair is also recommended for children who have mastered the ability of sitting without a backrest attached to a swivel chair. The transition from a normal chair to the Dragonfly chair can take a while for adults to accustom to, as the body loses its flexibility and strength as a result of prolonged time spent utilizing a traditional chair. We are, however, of the opinion that the results are worth it, as frequent repositioning and active sitting in "low" positions can help maintain a healthy spine.

    * Individuals with dysfunction/injury of the spine or lower body (pelvis, hips, lower limbs) should make sure that they can sit in the so-called "low" positions (consultation with a physiotherapist/ orthopedist is recommended).

    Design of the Dragonfly chair  

    Dragonfly orthopedic chair is manufactured in Poland by our company in cooperation with local companies and craftsmen. Solid performance guarantees use for many years.

    1. The seats are upholstered with Barbaa fabric (flock type) which is characterised by its high fleshing, lightly mossy and very pleasant to touch fur-like structure. It is extremely dirt-resistant and a simple wipe with a damp cloth (preferably a wet baby wipe) will make it clean again. The fabric is extremely resistant to abrasion, sweat and light, and no harmful PFAS compounds are used in its production. This combination provides a safe surface suitable for the current stringent hygiene requirements. 
    • fabric composition: 54% Acrylic, 25% Poliamide, 14% Poliester, 7% Cotton
    • basis weight: 660g/linear metre• abrasion resistance > 100 000 Martindale cycles
    • the fabric is flame retardant and Oeko-Tex® certified
    • Class 1 Oeko-Tex® product: "Products for babies and young children”
    • Class 4 Oeko-Tex® product: "Products for home textiles" 


    Cleaning the upholstery

    Most dirt remains on the surface in the form of droplets, which can be easily cleaned by shaking off with a cloth dampened with water or, for heavier dirt, using non-invasive water-based cleaners. When using cleaning products, apply a cloth dampened with them to the stained area, wait 2-3 minutes, then rub gently in circular motions until the stain disappears. Then leave the stain to dry on its own. Do not use a hair dryer to accelerate the drying process. When the wet spot has dried, use a soft brush to gently lift the hair on the fabric. The fabric has no harmful chemicals, and is safe for our health and the surrounding environment.

    2. A strong base for the seats is provided by 18 mm thick wooden plywood. Cutting plywood using CNC technology guarantees a perfect, repeatable shape.

    3. The fixture for the smaller seat is made of laser-cut INOX stainless steel, milled on the sides and secured with plastic caps so that all edges are safe for use. INOX stainless steel, as the name says, does not rust, looks aesthetically pleasing and is recyclable, making it environmentally friendly. 

    4. Polyurethane foam (5 cm thick and of an appropriate hardness) for seats is obtained from recycled materials (finely ground fragments of classic foam as a residue from furniture production), which makes it environmentally friendly. It is characterised by lower stiffness loss during use compared to other foams; no heavy metal compounds in the production process and air permeability thanks to the open cells of the foam. 

    5. The base of the chair is a strong aluminium die-cast base. 

    6. Soft tyre castors for hard surfaces.

    Technical parameters

    • The height of the larger seat is regulated by a gas spring (height adjustment range from the floor to the top: 35-41 cm)
    • The height of the smaller seat is manually adjustable (height adjustment range measured from the larger seat: 6-16.5 cm)
    • Weight: ~ 13.5 kg
    • The maximum load-bearing capacity: 105 kg

     WARRANTY - 2 years

    Dragonfly Classic - regulacja wysokości

    Listen to your body and it will tell you what's best for it.

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