Imagine feeling comfortable while sitting at your desk

It is not you who adjusts to the chair, but rather - the chair adjusts to you. Your spine and hips are relaxed and your legs are free to move. Thanks to said approach, you will not feel sore and will not suffer due to swollen calves.

Imagine not losing your body flexibility when sitting. You can instead assume natural positions that are comfortable for you. You are still relaxed and you are not making your body uncomfortable.

Imagine that you are getting up from your desk and your body is still relaxed. You feel grateful that you have not been locked in one position all day.

Now, imagine that it is all possible!

The most important thing is to change the sitting position frequently. While sitting with legs crossed, Japanese style, or crouched, we constantly mobilize the body to work. Thanks to said fact, we do not lose flexibility and strength.

The Dragonfly orthopedic chair was designed with the positions that we assumed as children while playing in mind. The natural positioning of the body made us happy and ensured its flexibility. Try to recall how nice it was to spend time on the floor… afterwards - just take a seat on the Dragonfly chair and see for yourself that nothing has changed!

Experts opinions

As far as I can rememeber, I have always promoted sitting on the floor, because I believe that it is simply the best solution when it comes to maintaining the desired condition of hips, spine, and knee joints. In many countries, sitting on the floor is practiced at all times. The citizens of such countries do not suffer from as many hip or back problems as the citizens of countries that mainly use standard chairs or sofas. Please note that sitting in a chair positions the hips in a strong bend, which causes a characteristic state of contraction of the articular capsule. It causes the disturbance of internal and external rotation of the body, as well as difficulties with regard to straightening up properly. In order to maintain the physiological mobility of our joints, we simply have to use them. While sitting in low positions (“Turkish style”, “Japanese style”, crouched, or in a similar manner) we take advantage of all the rotational movements of the hip joints and lower limbs, thanks to which the sludge in the joint bags is constantly produced and we prevent joint degeneration that is often caused by sitting in one position all day long.

I am more than happy that Dragonfly orthopedic chair allows the user to take advantage of the benefits of low sitting positions while working at the desk, especially nowadays, when a space adjusted to work or education becomes necessary. Dragonfly chair can also be a blessing for people who already have certain limitations and cannot sit on the floor all day, as it allows to put the legs lower and give them a rest when needed. I wish you a lot of fidgeting and frequent position changes! 

* Marek Purczyński, Physiotherapist

As a Thai Massage therapist, yogi, and an expert organizing regular workshops for individuals working in a sedentary position, I have dreamed of such a product as the Dragonfly orthopedic chair for years. It is simply a perfect solution for myself, my family and all the people who come to me for support with regard to dealing with pain, increasing the ergonomics of office work, and preventing rapid deterioration of health on many levels due to many hours spent in a sitting position. It is also a great offer for children, who can work on their health from an early age. The idea behind the product is brilliant and simple at the same time. It allows the body to return to its roots - to the anatomically natural position our ancestors sat in for thousands of years before they invented furniture. What is more, I am glad that the manufacturer focused on the highest quality of workmanship and opted for the selection of top-tier materials, which translates into durability. It has to be stated that such a chair is one of the most frequently used items in a given house. I cannot imagine switching to anything else right now. I am grateful to have my own Dragonfly. It is one of the things that changed my daily life to a great extent.

* Weronika Wierzbowska, co-owner and therapist at Masażownia Wroclaw; Traditional Thai Massage instructor

There is one invention which, in our opinion, made us less primitive and helped us becoming "civilized" people. It is a chair. Paradoxically, it is also an invention that has dehumanized us the most. It made the principles of body functioning, so carefully developed over millions of years of evolution, invalid in our daily lives. As modern people, we sit practically all day. Of course, it must have an impact on our health: backaches, digestive problems, and tense muscles. The list of issues goes on and on. It is the cost of "modernity", one may say. Fortunately enough, it does not have to be that way. The aforementioned issues can be remedied in 2 ways. Either we throw away all the items of furniture we use for sitting or get interested in an invention presented recently by DragonflyChair, which respects our modern working style, while at the same time allowing us to respect our biomechanics. I opted for the latter option ;)

* Alex from Athletic Development

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